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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
Anatomy of a Debut

Jose Contreras, El Defector, made his Chicago White Sox debut tonight at Kauffman Stadium tonight versus the Royals. Here is my minute-by-minute account of his debut.

6:56 - Jose Contreras seen warming in the Bullpen. He appears to be getting tips from pitching coach Don Cooper. Cooper showing him a follow through with a split finger grip.
7:08 - Mike Wood taking warm-up tosses from the mound.
:09 - 1st pitch of game - Ball
:12 - Timo Perez crushes a ball foul. He would later ground out to second in the AB.
:14 - 10 Royals have made their major league debut this season. And they wonder why they have the second worst record in baseball.
:17 - Jose Contreras' first pitch - Strike.
:18 - DeJesus grounds to second for Contreras' first out as a White Sox.
:22 - 1-2-3 inning (1 ground out, 2 flyouts) for El Defector. He has been shaking catcher Ben Davis off a lot in the early going.
:34 - 6 up, 6 down for Contreras. He looks a little wild.
:37 - WTF is Ben Davis doing hitting in the #7 spot. Joe Borchard in the #6 spot. This line-up looks terrible. Joe Crede hits a solo shot to mark the 1st hit of the game -- Sox 1-0
:44 - Sox end Top of the third up 2-0. Let's see what Contreras can really do. This is the point in the game where Loaiza liked to give up runs.
:48 - Berroa singles up the middle, nearly taking Jose's head off in the process.
:52 - JC notches his first K in a White Sox uniform versus Gotay, who coincidently was making his first ever MLB AB.
:54 - K's the leadoff man to retire the side. The strikeout pitches to the last two batters was downright nasty. (forkball?) -- Edit: - I don't think that was the forker, the "fork" and the split are supposedly the same pitch. I guess those were just hard breaking curveballs.
8:07 - 55 pitches through 4 innings. 3K's 1H -- Looks impressive. Forkball looks like a good "out" pitch. He uses it late and hitters have no shot against him. The Royals would be wise to jump on him early in the count.
:10 - Ben Davis leads off the 5th with a double.
:12 - Willie Harris just misses his first HR of the season, settling for a triple, driving in Ben Davis.
:15 - DJ Jinxes Aaron Rowand. He says picking up Willie Harris from third with less than 2 outs is an "easy RBI". Says if Aaron doesn't drive him home he will eat a piece of paper. Aaron strikes out swinging. DJ can be heard crumpling paper and talking with his mouth full.
:18 - Carlos Lee crushes a hanger from Wood........Foul
:21 - Konerko hits a grand slam. Pauly makes them pay for the walks. It was the first grand slam by the Sox this season. Sox 7-0
:23 - Jose Valentin K's. What else is new?
:25 - Ken Harvey HR's. Aaron Rowand looked like he was going to get to that ball. It just kept carrying. -- Sox 7-1
:26 - Another hit. Settle down JC.
:27 - Long Flyout. Settle down.
:28 - Error by Joe Crede. Runners on 2nd & 3rd. Look for the implosion.
:29 - Everyone swinging early in the count. JC needs to throw his "out" pitch earlier.
:30 - Gotay singles. -- Sox 7-2 -- Aaron Rowand with a nice throw to prevent another run from scoring. This is starting to look a lot like Loiaza.
:31 - 1st pitch - breaking ball - Strike swinging/ 2nd pitch - breaking ball/ 3rd pitch breaking ball
:33 - single -- Sox 7-3
:34 - Ozzie makes a mound visit. I can only read lips in English, so I can't even begin to guess what was said.
:35 - Sacrifice Fly by Randa -- Sox 7-4 -- 2 unearned runs this inning
:37 - Caught stealing (2-6) gets Contreras out of the inning. I would have liked to see him have to pitch himself out of the jam, but will take that. We need the win.
:39 - I had heard that JC had problems when he had runners on, this inning provided the proof.
:45 - Aaron Rowand steps to the plate to face a lefty. I laugh to myself. 3-run HR. A-Row crushes lefties. I don't know what Pena was thinking there. -- Sox 10-4
:50 - Extended bathroom/snack break, missed a batter.
:51 - Walks Stairs. He had made Stairs look silly earlier in the AB. There's no reason to be walking him here. This is exactly shades of Loaiza, letting them back in.
:56 - 95 pitches through 6 for Contreras. The End? -- He was able to settle down and get out of the inning. I guess I compared him to Loaiza too quickly.
9:03 - Cliff Politte enters the ball game, and JC's night is officially over. Politte's been having trouble lately, and I don't have a good feeling about this outing either.
:05 - Contreras' line for the evening: 6IP 5H 4R 2ER 3K 1BB - in line for the victory.
:12 - Politte escapes the inning unscathed.
:22 - Bukvich is WILD. He hit the backstop on the fly with one pitch, has walked three, including walking in one run.
:57 - Game over. -- Sox 12-4 -- And That's a White Sox Winner.